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Noval Djokovic sees explicit objective in 2024

 "At the point when you have accomplished everything and just a single last award is missing, it would seem OK to make it your need," says pundit

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Novak Djokovic, a 24-time Huge homerun champion with more than 100 profession prizes, has focused on one explicit objective in 2024 to finish his Best ever (GOAT) heritage.

As per a tennis pundit, Scratch Lester, the Serbian star will focus on winning a gold decoration at the Paris Olympics to accomplish one of only a handful of exceptional leftover achievements in his profession.

Among the cutting edge greats, for example, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, Djokovic presently can't seem to get an Olympic gold award. Lester told Tennis365 that the Serb not entirely settled to go along with them by winning in the tennis occasion at Roland Garros in Paris.

"For my purposes, the Olympic gold award is enormous for him this year and he will focus on that one major objective," Lester told Tennis365.

"The main thing's absent from his CV and he will tailor everything around that. At the point when you have accomplished everything and just a single last award is missing, it would check out to make it your need.

"As far as I might be concerned, he is as yet the man to beat on a hard court when he is completely fit and spurred. He could without much of a stretch success one more four Bangs throughout the following several years in the event that he remains fit and the craving is there. Assuming he actually has the energy to pursue records and extraordinary records."

Djokovic's new misfortune to Jannik Miscreant in the Australian Open semi-finals prompted hypothesis about his reducing predominance in men's tennis. Nonetheless, this evaluation might be untimely for an exceptionally effective last player year, winning three Huge homeruns and arriving at the last of the fourth.

Lester likewise recommended that Djokovic might have battled genuinely during his time in Melbourne, which might have added to a slight decrease in his presentation.

"From what I heard in Melbourne, he wasn't especially well out there," he expressed. "Perhaps that prompted him not being very just about as connected as he had been in earlier years.

"Can we just be real for a minute, the degree of inspiration he has shown for such a long time will tail off sooner or later. He's getting things done at his age that have never been finished and eventually, you need to figure it will quit occurring for him."


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